Mancini press conference ahead of Parma

Mancini press conference ahead of Parma
April 3, 2015 16:42
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On the eve of Inter vs Parma, Roberto Mancini has been speaking to reporters in his pre match press conference. Here is what he had to say.

What do you think of the ‘Milionidinomi’ initiative?

“I think it is a very important initiative and will bring many people to the stadium. At the same time we will get more publicity. The fans are the most important part and we hope to be successful.”

Players being evaluated?

“All will be evaluated. The club will decide the future of all and we will try to do our best. Unfortunately there have been negative results but we are becoming a team although there are still some things to improve. We want to do well in these last 10 matches for the fans.”

Kovacic to become a staple of Inter’s future?

“Kovacic can grow but he must feel comfortable. He’s happy, young and plays for Inter. Everyone loves him here.”

Juan Jesus will be played at left back?

“We will decide tomorrow morning. Against Sampdoria he did very well. He’s a good player who is still young and can improve. He must play with determination but also with concentration.”

Thohir asked for Europe?

“The President has asked us to do well. We can’t afford to lose as we did against Sampdoria. We have to score more goals and win as many games as possible. We want the Europa League.”

What is your mood?

“I feel sorry for the fans and for the players who are giving everything. I knew the difficulties before I took over but I think that the results will come with hard work. Losing doesn’t please anyone, this is obvious.”

Dybala is a top player? Could he play with Icardi?

“Inter are a top club and we want top players. That said I didn’t know Dybala very well but he is young and will surely become a great striker. He wouldn’t have any difficulties playing with Icardi. It’s difficult to talk about him right now as he is a Palermo player.”

Any worries about Inter’s record against smaller teams?

“I can’t speak of the time that I was not here. When you play against teams that come to Milan to defend then it’s not easy. I remember the Torino game in which we attacked too much and left space on the counter attacks. We need to grow in these types of games for sure.”

It seems that yourself and Marco Fassone think differently about the transfer market?

“That’s not true. It’s clear that we have certain parameters to consider but I’m convinced Inter will be a stronger and more competitive team next season. If we have to make sacrifices which will strengthen the team then we will.”

Will young players get a chance in these last 10 matches?

“We have so many good players with some training and some playing. They will have their opportunities and I’m happy to play them. The young players deserve a chance and I have no problem giving them that chance.”

Has the strategy on Yaya Toure changed?

“I’ve always said Yaya is a Manchester City player but if Inter should have an opportunity then we’ll be there. At the moment there is no negotiation but if there were possibilities then we could start negotiations. We will see but yes, I would like him.”

How do you assess the performances of Ranocchia and Podolski for their national teams?

“I did not see the games (laughs) but I did see Podolski’s goal.”

Icardi absent?

“He’s fine. We have confidence in those that play in his place. The attackers have to score.”

What chance does Inter have in qualifying for Europe?

“We have a 60% chance but it is also difficult to speak with certainty.”

Of your first spell at Inter who would you like from that team in today’s squad?

“There were so many great players that we needed only continuity to succeed. Definitely Zanetti but it is difficult to name just one and there were so many strong players even Stankovic and Veron. They are players who made history with Inter but that time has passed. We need to think about the present and the future now.”







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