Mandorlini: “Inter didn’t do much but won 3-0”

Mandorlini: “Inter didn’t do much but won 3-0”
April 11, 2015 23:40
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Andrea Mandorlini spoke to sky after the game lost to Inter.

“It was a strange game and the first goal influenced the game. We were naïve. We missed a lot of chances and we did not have the chance to re-open the game. Inter did not do much but at the end of it they won 3-0 and I see it like Luca Toni. The decision goes to the referee; D’Ambrosio could have kicked it out but did not. We need to be more straightforward, we committed errors. We started the first half well, but we paid for the goal. During halftime we spoke and then we did better. A draw? We deserved to re-open the game and keep it close until the end if we had managed to score through Luca Toni on the penalty. Sala? Jacopo is a talent. We have put a lot of faith in him this year, he knows how to do everything on the wing and I think he can be a great player. He will be an international level player if he can avoid injuries.”

Source: Sky