Luca Toni


Luca Toni, after a hug with his former teammate at Bayern Lukas Podolski has spoke to Sky after tonight’s defeat to Inter. The striker also missed a penalty. Here are his words:

“We had several chances to score but we did not succeed however they were clinical.”

“It’s always bad when you miss a penalty. Handanovic was still good. When you deal with a keeper like him you always have a little fear but I definitely should have kicked it better.”

“I am a striker and I play well in the box but when you play in big teams you spend a lot of time in the box and with Verona it’s clear that doesn’t happen often. The occasions we do get in the box, I have to be ready to score.”

“The match was strange. We were sleeping on the first, a strange situation. We were chickens for not playing to the whistle.”