Garlando: “Denis? Take an example from Facchetti”

Garlando: “Denis? Take an example from Facchetti”
April 29, 2015 20:23
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Luigi Garlando has been speaking on Gazzetta TV about Atalanta’s German Denis after the striker was given a 5 match ban for punching Empoli’s Lorenzo Tonelli after their weekend fixture.

The Gazzetto Dello Sport journalist also blames Atalanta sporting director Pierpaolo Marino for justifying Denis’s actions and cites an example from a few years ago.

“When Marco Materazzi punched Bruno Cirillo at the end of a match between Inter and Siena, the then Inter president Giacinto Facchetti took the defender and made him apologise in front of the cameras. This is the right attitude if you want to get out of this medieval football.”



By Editorial Staff


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