FCIN: Exclusive interview with Motta agent “He could go to Inter”

May 15, 2015 13:14
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FcInterNews held an exclusive interview with Thiago Motta agent Alessandro Canovi.

Canovi, any news about Thiago Motta? In recent weeks we talk insistently of a possible return to Inter…
“No, at the moment there are no news. Now Thiago thinks about finishing the season in the best way with Paris Saint Germain, but I can safely say that the interest from Inter is a true privilege. Everyone knows this. To date, however, there is still nothing concrete.”

The player’s future may depend also on the possible confirmation of Laurent Blanc?
“Blanc has done a great job with Paris Saint Germain, and he has won everything there was to win in France. I am convinced that the leadership will confirm him. Thiago loves talking football, but I wonder: ‘Who does not appreciate his qualities?’ He has incredible strength, the aspect that will count most will be the will of the player.”

Therefore for Paris Saint Germain he will be a key player for the next season …
“No, this is not what I said. At the end of the season everyone will take the appropriate decision, in football anything can happen, PSG may even opt for a non-confirmation. You have to evaluate everything calmly.”

Could the future of Thiago Motta also be decided to market late, maybe in July?
“No, absolutely. Our intention is to have certainty in the immediate end of the season. When it’s all finished, he will make all his decisions.”

Could the price of the player decided by Paris Saint Germain be a ‘brake’ for clubs interested?
“No, that’s not the problem. At the moment everything is in standby, there are no barriers or subsidies.”

Thiago has made ​​a piece of history of Inter. He’s a good player , has technique and experience. Of course he could be useful.” Do you enjoy these words of Roberto Mancini?
“These words give so much pleasure, Mancini is one of the best coaches in the world.”

Are there other teams interested?
“There may be, but the status of Thiago would allow him to find a new solution in a second. I repeat, we are enormously pleased with the Inter rumors, it means he has left an important mark when he worked in Milan. It is pleasing to have their appreciation.”

Thiago Motta teamed with Yaya Toure in the 2015-2016 Nerazzurri midfield: appetizing idea?
“Thiago is used to playing in very large teams, with so many great players in midfield. I consider that Paris Saint Germain one of the best departments in the world, and Thiago itself is one of the best ever. And the fact that Inter is thinking he is a great source of pride. ”

The possibility of not playing in European competition wouldn’t encroach upon his choices?
“I think not. Thiago wants to win, that’s what counts.”

Inter-Thiago Motta: stay tuned ‘: today, 15 May 2015, may be the correct title?
“Yes, he could go (laughs).”

Interview by Francesco Fontana

Source: FcInterNews.it

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