Fredy Guarin has been speaking to journalists after tonight’s ‘Inter Night’ event as the Colombian served as a model for the presentation of Inter’s new home shirt for next season.

Here is what Guarin had to say:

Inter is not having a good time but the affection of the fans is never lacking. What does it mean to you?

“It’s important to have the support of the fans even in a difficult time like this. Now we have to do well next year, starting with a win on Sunday. This year did not go as we wanted, the goals were not achieved. We have to start thinking about next season because Inter is a team that has to play to win.”

Mancini and Bolingbroke said that Inter will be competitive next season. Do you think you will still be here?

“I think I’ll stay. The club and the coach have confidence in me despite transfer rumours every transfer window.”

What has caused the disappointing results this season. Where do you have to improve?

“We must have more confidence in ourselves. The mistakes we made were individual. We lack a bit of confidence, we have to be mentally strong.”

There is talk of the arrival of Yaya Toure, what do you think?

“Toure is an ‘Inter’ player. Hopefully he will arrive as he’s a great player and would give us a big hand.”

Finally, what do you think of the new shirt?

“It’s a lovely shirt and we need to honour it with wins, good football and great results.”