Thohir: “It is my duty and will to invest in Inter”

Thohir: “It is my duty and will to invest in Inter”
May 29, 2015 17:35
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After the rumours of the last few days reguarding Erick Thohir’s business ways the president himself released an official statement on Inter’s website:

“Dear Inter Fans,

In the last few days misleading and inaccurate information has circulated about the way my Group runs its business, and about my will to keep on supporting Inter in the future.

If somebody thinks that this kind of story will distract us from achieving important results for Inter, then they are wrong.

My group has businesses worldwide and I have invested in Italy in the same way as I did successfully in the US and other countries.

It is my duty and, more importantly, my will as shareholder, to invest in Inter. This is what we have been doing since Day 1 and what we will keep on doing for the years ahead, ensuring capital and management.

We will continue to work towards strengthening the solidity of the Club and ensuring that Roberto Mancini can have the highest quality and most competitive team on the pitch, and giving better performances for you, Inter fans, all around the world.”


By Editorial Staff


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