Motta agent: “Thiago has already decided what to do”

Motta agent: “Thiago has already decided what to do”
June 20, 2015 15:07
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Thiago Motta


Yesterday there was news of the breakdown in negotiations for a renewal between Thiago Motta and PSG. Negotiations broke down because of the different visions regarding the importance of the player in the Paris club’s project.

To study the situation FcInterNews have exclusively interviewed the Italian international’s agent Alessandro Canovi who has revealed that his client has already decided what his future will be.

Mr Canovi, what led to the breakdown with PSG?

“I want to start by saying that we decided to stop negotiations for renewal. The reason that led to this situation was that there were different visions regarding the importance of Thiago in the project. It had nothing to do with the contractual aspect.”

At this point will PSG opt for a kind of ‘tug of war’ to try to hold the player with the contract expiring in a year?

“This I can not know, we need to understand what the position of the club is at this time, there may be thousands of possibilities.”

There has been consistent talk of Inter and Atletico Madrid for next season?

“I don’t want to say too much, I can say that right now we are in the field of interest and not of negotiations.”

Recently you said that time for final confirmation of Thiago’s future would be short, at this point is it only a matter or days?

“I said this because we were not there yet in this situation. Now everything is clear and we know certain things.”

What is the mood of the player?

“Thiago is very quiet, he is a champion. In fact, I add that he has already decided what to do.”

How do you respond to rumours that Thiago is close to Inter?

“I still can’t answer, it’s all waiting.”



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