Corriere dello Sport have been reporting on Inter’s transfer strategy during the Summer mercato and have credited Piero Ausilio and Marco Fassone for inventing the ‘Inter Formula’.

“In a hundred years it will be remembered as the Inter Formula. More or less it can be explained like this: take a player on loan, sometimes for 2 years, and begin to pay in instalments after 12-24 months so to dilute the effects on a budget that is complicated.”

“This is the trick that director general Marco Fassone and sporting director Piero Ausilio came up with last Summer. The formula has allowed Inter to close some operations while preserving the accounts so they decided to use it again this Summer.”

“Of course there are pros and cons. Inter will pay in instalments perhaps counting on the proceeds secured if they qualify for the Champions League which would make certain outputs easier to bear.”

“Despite these ‘intelligent’ payments, to avoid sanctions already provided by UEFA, the club need to become profitable or the club will not fit into UEFA’s parameters.”