Moratti: “Kondogbia a great signing for Inter”

June 24, 2015 10:23
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Intercepted like the old days outside the offices of Saras, Massimo Moratti spoke to reporters about the last arrival at Inter, namely Geoffrey Kondogbia. “It seems to be a really good operation because everyone tells me he is a really good player. I have seen him play a few times and I think a player with that kind of physical qualities in the middle can give us a big hand. Thohir has made a great effort, he did well and confirmed once again that he takes a lot of pride in Inter. Kondogbia is an important step for the team because he is young and can be a point of reference for many years. We hope he will demonstrate his value. If he is worth more because we took him instead of our cousins (AC Milan ed.)? A lot of teams wanted him, not only Milan, and the fact that he chose Inter and its project is not something secondary. Then it is obvious that the fans like to have a player that the Rossoneri wanted in their team. Now I feel that there is a particular enthusiasm around Inter these days: it’s a nice way to start the new season. People have had confirmation that Thohir is good and has come to make things right. He deserves to get good results for the effort that he makes and for how much he works.”

Moratti had an important role in negotiations – even if the person concerned denies it – as he is contacted, according to statute, in the case of purchases over 20 million euros. “Thohir asked me what I thought and I told him to get him, because he could be important for Inter. But I have nothing to do with it: Thohir is always nice and he keeps me informed, but he did well. I think even Mancini is happy since he perhaps needed a player like that in the middle of the field. There is no doubt that it had a big impact on the fans. He seems to be someone who knows how to lead the people and I am convinced that the Inter fans will respond.”

“The last player that was presented at Via Durini like this was Ronaldo? Eh, good memories… Ronaldo was a fantastic player, of exceptional intelligence off the field. We soon realized that we had gotten a champion: the first twenty minutes of his first game we had dinner together at my house and we did not speak, we just watched. Then he began to call everyone by name and had already figured out the character of everyone. Really fantastic.”


By Olof Svensson