Mancini about Salah, Jovetic, Perisic and much more

Mancini about Salah, Jovetic, Perisic and much more
July 21, 2015 13:41
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Roberto Mancini talked to Gazzetta dello sport in an interesting interview and started talking about the mercato:

“I am sorry for those who have to leave. Seeing how they are working I’d like to keep them all but unfortunately we have to register a list of 25 players and not being a part of that list would mean risking to miss the whole season. We need at least one striker at the moment because we only have two strikers at the moment.”

Do you have to get another player instead of Zukanovic that was a target?

“Seeing his characteristics he was perfect. He could play both as central defender and winger but we didn’t manage to get him. We are patient though and will find another player.”

Did you talk about it with Thohir:

“We met last night for dinner but it was just quickly, we will see eachother soon again during the coming days and talk about the team.”

How about Perisic?

“At the moment he is a Wolfsburg player and it’s difficult to say what can happen. It’s a player that has qualities and that can play in different roles”

Had you ever though about bringing Jovetic to City when you were the City coach?

“I talked about it my last season at Manchester City but then they got him when I had left.”

Which are his characteristics?

“In attack he can play in all roles, prima punta, seconda punta but also as winger in a trio.”

So he is more flexible than Salah?

“No, even Salah can play in many roles playing as seconda punta as he did a lot at Fiorentina. Though one of the players belongs to City and the other to Chelsea and Fiorentina.”

Do you still believe that Fiorentina has something to do with Salah’s future?

“I don’t want to offend anyone and I don’t want that anyone offends themselves for nothing.”

What do you think about Melo?

“Melo is a good and experienced player. He is owned by Galatasaray. Just as the others he can help us but at the moment we don’t know what will happen.”


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