Perisic’s agent: “Still a distance between Inter and Wolfsburg”

July 21, 2015 18:16
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We still have to wait to see Ivan Perisic in an Inter shirt. The one who confirms this situation is the agent of Wolfsburg’s offensive winger Tonci Martic, who spoke to FcInterNews and also revealed something interesting.

In Italy there is talk about a concluded deal between Inter and Wolfsburg for the transfer of your client to Milan: can you confirm this?
“The deal is not completely finished like they say in Italy. There is still a distance between the two clubs and, as I mentioned before, we must be patient.”

Do you remain optimistic?
“Personally, yes, but Wolfsburg is very reluctant to let go of the player.”

I there a possibility of him staying at Wolfsburg?
“I don’t know. Ivan has two years left of his contract and has a lot of respect for their club. The club, meanwhile, feels that he is important for the project because of his strength and tactical flexibility. Again, a lot of patience will be needed.”

Is the management trying to make him stay, perhaps by offering a contract renewal?
“Absolutely, he was proposed a renewal.”

What was your response?
“For the moment it is not an option to consider, so we declined.”


By Olof Svensson


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