Brozovic: “Every game is important”

Brozovic: “Every game is important”
July 24, 2015 20:58
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Atalanta BC v FC Internazionale Milano - Serie A

At the end of training today in the Shenzhen, Marcelo Brozovic stopped to speak to Inter Channel and comment on the Chinese experience. Interesting fact: the translator of the Croatian midfielder was none less than Mateo Kovacic who was alongside Roberto Scarpini and translated the questions in Croatian and answers in Italian: “It is difficult to play, but we are professionals. We have to play football in any weather. At this stage we are not all ready yet, but I’m always ready. We still have time to get in condition. AC Milan? Every game is important, but I always play at 100%. I don’t make any difference¬†between the league and a friendly. A lot of goals ? I hope so, at least ten.”


By Olof Svensson


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