Mancini: “Happy with our performance despite the loss”

Mancini: “Happy with our performance despite the loss”
July 25, 2015 17:01
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At the press conference after the loss in the derby against AC Milan, Inter coach Roberto Mancini analyzed the match and the performances of the players: “I’m happy with our performance, even though we lost the game. The most important thing is that we have improved. When you’re at this stage you may not be at 100%.”

“We have had two games in the past 48 hours and that’s why I changed the team in the first 60 minutes. The important thing is to prevent yourself from injuries and I did not want to take any chances.”

Friends and rivals for one night, the coach commented on his friend and colleague on the Milan bench, Mihajlovic: “I greeted Sinisa and we talked a little. I think he will do well, it seems as if his team is taking shape. I believe he will be happy.”

Finally, on the formation in the last minutes: “The 3-5-2? We tried it, maybe we will do it again, but it was an experiment.”


By Olof Svensson


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