Rummenigge: “I know why Inter wants to sell Shaqiri”

Rummenigge: “I know why Inter wants to sell Shaqiri”
August 6, 2015 22:37
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Bayern’s CEO and former Inter player Karl-Heinz Rummenigge talked to the media about the Audi Cup that his team won yesterday and had the following things to say about the friendlies:

“I talked to Galliani after our game against Milan, these friendlies should neither be under or overstimated. They are important for the preparations of all teams. The important thing is for the coaches to have a clear plan and I think that Mihajlovic has that. Also Inter played good against us during the first half and I think they’ve improved in difference from last season. The two Milanese teams have the task to come back after the problems they’ve had.”

The Bayern CEO also talked about Shaqiri:

“Why Inter wants to sell Shaqiri straight away? They have told me but I can’t tell you about it. No comments.”


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