Delgado: “I hope to play in Serie A a long time”

Delgado: “I hope to play in Serie A a long time”
August 12, 2015 20:19
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He was Roberto Mancini’s big surprise at the training camp in Riscone di Brunico, but Pedro Delgado has shown his value to those who have assisted in the training of the Nerazzurri in Trentino and in an interview with Record he reveals everything that preceded the call from Mancini and what happened in Riscone: “I was on vacation with my parents in Portimao when my agent told me that I had to go to Riscone. I was very happy, but, I confess, in my heart I was hoping for a call. I hope I can play a long time in Serie A, even though I don’t close the door to a return.”

“Mancini? The coach gave me compliments for my left foot and told me that it was fantastic. Playing against Bayern for me is a dream come true. Now I play against players of the highest level, great teams. Nervous ahead of the Derby? No, I was very calm. Playing as a starter I didn’t feel the pressure and tried to do everything that Mancini had asked of me. I did what I know how to do and showed my value to make it clear that I was not there by accident. Against Real Madrid? I didn’t play, but I talked with Cristiano Ronaldo during half time and he gave me his shirt after the match. He’s a champion.”


By Olof Svensson