Thohir: “Selling Kovacic was a difficult choice”

August 19, 2015 22:09
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On Sunday, August 23, the Serie A 2015/16 will officially begin for Inter and despite a pre-season that has been anything but exciting, Inter president Erick Thohir seems confident about the season that the Nerazzurri are going to face: “I’m optimistic that Roberto Mancini is the best choice for Inter with his past successes. Perhaps many people regard the results of the pre-season negatively but what matters is the league. I’m optimistic, I’m a fan and I think the players Mancini has in the team at the moment are very good. Murillo, Miranda, Jovetic and Kondogbia are all great players and I hope that young players can make their contribution.”

The Indonesian president also spoke about the transfer market during the discussion forum of Detiksport in Jakarta: “I think in the last sessions of the transfer market we have signed many players for whom we have spent a lot, obviously it can not be the only way because the situation becomes unbalanced. Because of the rules of FFP we were forced to sell the talented Croatian, a very difficult choice for me. There is a risk that he will shine elsewhere like Pirlo and Coutinho, if we let players go who have proved to be flops people won’t remember it, you see only those who have been successful. I think it also depends on the system of each coach. And the Italian league is not tactically as open as the Premier League or La Liga. It’s a situation we face, but until August 31, anything can happen. It is possible that Ivan Perisic arrives, but everyone will be a player for Inter, who is needed in the club, not a whim of mine.”

The signing campaign therefore continues with Ivan Perisic as first objective, but not only: “Other players will come, I’m sure. But if that happens it will not be defenders. In midfield we have quality players, I’m sure that some attackers will come. Four strikers are too few.”

He also mentioned another great sacrifice of this transfer market, Xherdan Shaqiri: “He was not in accord with Mancini and his strategies. The sale of him, just like that of Kovacic, was done to balance the budget.”

A squad, the Nerazzurri, that still must be trimmed. And the Inter president explained the reasons: “In Italy we can register 25 players, so we have to sell three more. Also, because if Inter reach Europe we will only be allowed 21 players like City or PSG.”

On the objectives for the season: “I’m sure Mancini will deliver on the promise of bringing Inter to the Champions League and I’m convinced that during this season Inter will return to compete at the top. Roberto was the best signing of club.”


By Olof Svensson