Mourinho: “When I won the Treble with Inter…”

Mourinho: “When I won the Treble with Inter…”
August 21, 2015 19:54
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José Mourinho brought out the book of statistics, obviously very dusty, to answer when asked whether he was concerned for his disappointing start to the season with Chelsea (Community Shield loss against Arsenal and only one point from two matches in Premier League): “If I were superstitious, I would point out that when I started the season with a 2-2 I won the Treble. It happened in 2004 when I started with Porto-Belenenses 2-2 and in 2010 when I started with Inter-Bari 2-2.”

In fact, the match which Mou refers to ended in a draw, but 1-1.


By Olof Svensson