Mancini: “Icardi made me waste a substitution”

Mancini: “Icardi made me waste a substitution”
August 23, 2015 23:59
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After the match, the Inter coach looked rather edgy at the press conference. Our partners at FcInterNews asked him right away if the attitude showed in the final minutes could have been showed earlier, when the team appeared less cynical, or if it was the red card for Carmona that unlocked the match: “We had 70 percent possession of the ball – he explained – the games can last 93-94 minutes, and the important thing is that we scored. The first matches are always the hardest.”

How would you rate the performances of Gnoukouri and Medel?
“Gnoukouri bad, Medel very well.”

Does this match show that the preseason has a relative value?
“The preseason is to put the basis for the entire season, the matches count for nothing, certainly nobody likes to lose, not even in a training match, but when you go to play around the world we can lose. Against the amateurs maybe you win more easily but it is a result that leaves things as they are, the important thing is to try things to be used on the pitch.”

Why was Montoya on the bench?
“It is not a question to ask, he was on the bench because he is new like others.”

How do you judge Santon’s match?
“He can do more than what he does, he should be more offensive because playing with this formation we need full-backs who push and can do more.”

Is there a problem to get the ball to the wing?
“I don’t think so, maybe it’s a matter of time but we will improve with each match that we play.”

What did you like most about tonight?
“I liked everything, despite the attitude of the first few minutes: the desire to do it, the way we defended but we can still improve. Defensively we did very well, I’m content with what I’ve seen.”

What happened with Icardi during the warm-up?
“He had a problem in the warm-up, he wanted to play, I didn’t want him to and maybe I should have insisted more. But I don’t think he will be there next Sunday. In attack we are few at this time, we do not have many alternatives because without Icardi there are two left, one is a boy who is 18. The first match is always the hardest, now it is important to have a good start. I don’t want to talk about the transfer market , let’s enjoy the win.”

Almost all the big teams lost, did you expect that?
“The first few games are difficult for everyone; it will take a few months of adjustment but then the big teams will come out as always.”

What about the incident between Sylvinho and Icardi when he was substituted?
“He has to blame himself for making me waste a replacement and took a risk, the next time I will decide alone.”


By Olof Svensson


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