Terzo Tempo: I’m in love with the Jojo

Terzo Tempo: I’m in love with the Jojo
August 31, 2015 11:13
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Just as last week Inter took another three points this Sunday against Carpi away. The similarities from the game against Atalanta are many starting from Stevan Jovetic being the man of the moment. The Montenegrian striker gave Inter the lead in the first half and when Carpi managed to get a goal in the end, Jovetic was the player that stepped up to score the decisive penalty that gave Inter three points. It can’t be repeated enough times how important it is to have a player in the team that knows how to decide games and who knows how to score in the hardest of times. It would’ve been typical for the last few years of Nerazzurri matches for a penalty like this to be missed but Jovetic once again showed that he is made of the material that Inter has been missing. There are few things that are as beautiful to see a decisive player with #10 on his back play football like Jovetic does and if he can stay away from injuries at least 20 games I think we’ll have a great season.

More than that the game wasn’t impressive from Inter. Carpi tried to hit the Nerazzurri on the break and actually had a good first half. After scoring the first goal, Inter became more confident. In the second half it never really felt like Carpi was getting anywhere. Murillo and Miranda were bossing in the defense and the Carpi players ran offside time after time. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Inter let a goal in when Nagatomo was subbed on the field for Santon. Santon had a poor game but I’m wondering how bad Montoya could be. Is he really worse than Nagatomo who in 30 seconds missed out on a defensive run that would’ve kept the Inter clean sheet? The question marks on our defensive wings are many and I hope that the priority on the mercato will be to sign at least a left wing back and maybe even a right wing back.

Talking about the mercato, Guarin who has been criticized a lot was back in the starting eleven and was decisive in this game. Even though he missed a lot of easy passes(as usual), this time the Colombian got Inter the decisive penalty and also assisted Jovetic’s first goal. As we all know by now Guarin has all the potential to become a top player who both scores and assists. If Mancini can get him to stop losing the ball on the middle of the field and minimize the risks and mistakes taken by the player, this might very well be the season “Il Guaro” proves his true worth. After all Mancini seems to have huge confidence in the Colombian player and he might slowly be starting to pay back.

Even though Inter won this game the question marks are quiet many. Kondogbia didn’t manage to get into the game as one would’ve expected and Medel was sloppy as well. Palacio ran a lot but missed a great opportunity. At the moment I’m neither worried about Palacio or Kondogbia. Knowing that Icardi and Perisic are going to join this team makes me more than hopeful for the coming games. I still feel like Mancini can work on the offensive part of the team but Perisic will be a key in all this. Taking six points even though not impressing, is impressive itself and it feels good to embrace the national team break with six points in two games. As the mercato is ready to finish lets hope that we can get the final pieces for the puzzle and then it’s up to Mancini and the players to prove what they got.

Meanwhile, enjoy Jovetic and enjoy Inter winning. I’m in love with the Jojo

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