Mancini to MP: “Important to stay at the top, but…”

Mancini to MP: “Important to stay at the top, but…”
September 20, 2015 14:59
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“Our ranking in the standings does not change anything because it’s the same as last Sunday. It is important to have pass a pitch that is always difficult, and today even more, because Chievo is a good team and is doing very well.”

That is how Inter coach Roberto Mancini began when he spoke to Mediaset Premium after the fourth league win in a row in Verona against Chievo: “Perisic’s getting better? Yes, but that is normal, there are players who must integrate and understand the teammates, it takes time.”

Then he spoke about the match at Stadio Bentegodi: “The whole first half we played very high, but Chievo defended very well with all men behind the line of the ball. And then with the heat it seemed like an August day. Our ranking? It’s important to stay at the top, but there is still a long way to go to win.”

Mancini closed by responding to a question if the improvements in defense is thanks to the new arrivals? “It’s about the whole team. You could not improve in three to four months with a team playing in a different way. Then, clearly the new signings have had an impact.”


By Olof Svensson


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