Mancini: “I don’t care what people say about how we play”

Mancini: “I don’t care what people say about how we play”
September 26, 2015 18:01
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It’s time for a big match in Serie A against Fiorentina, the team that according to the standings arrive to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza as the prime antagonist of Roberto Mancini’s Inter. The Nerazzurri have the maximum points thanks to the 15 points from the first five rounds in Serie A, while the Viola, apart from the loss in Turin, dreams of winning against the only team currently ahead. How does it feel on the eve of the match? Will Fredy Guarin or Marcelo Brozovic be in the starting eleven? Will Viola make it difficult for the Nerazzurri? As usual, the Inter coach arrived to the press room to analyze the upcoming match. Thanks to our partner we are able to bring you the statements made a short while ago.

In your opinion, does this Inter play that ‘ugly’?
“I don’t know, really. I hope that the results will always be this good, we always want to reach higher.”

Why is the quality of the play that important?
“I don’t care if someone says that we play ‘ugly’, they are able to judge for themselves. Besides, I don’t think there are perfect teams, you can always improve. What is certain is that the team has the right mindset.”

There’s been a lot of talk about the Scudetto in the last few days: do you have to make sure there’s a balance?
“We are Inter, I don’t think there is any pressure on the players. We started well and we have to continue like this.”

How do you prepare a match like this one, like that of tomorrow?
“We will have the same difficulties that Fiorentina has in preparing for it. They play well, the players are the same as last year, or nearly so, then surely it will take a great game to win. Up front they are dangerous and we must take advantage of our opportunities. It will be a tough match for both teams.”

Is more attention needed with this Fiorentina?
“It takes more attention, more so against a team this offensive. I think it will be a good match, then we will see how it will end. It will definitely be a good game.”

Is this Inter missing a real number 10?
“Adem Ljajic could fill that role, as he has great quality. First of all he needs to get to know Inter, including the San Siro atmosphere. Our stadium is the most difficult to play in and Adem also must adjust to that.”

This week you got compliments from Trapattoni and Capello: what do they mean to you?
“That I’m getting old? (Laughs). In Italy, unfortunately, there are clichés. Even that Mancini can’t coach because he doesn’t have the temporary license. You always have to start with the objective of doing your best. It’s not as if I will ever tell a player to go out there and play badly. This team is solid and that pleases me. Obviously we have to improve, both in defense and in attack. Everything has to improve.”

Against Verona you came into the game later: why?
“We entered the game later, it is true, however, that can happen against a team like Verona which can create difficulties.”

The two central defenders in the starting eleveen are Miranda and Murillo: what will you do with Medel?
“They are the two central defenders, of course, but Medel will also be needed in midfield. Having the opportunity to decide to employ various players is a good thing. We will find surely find a spot for Gary, as midfielder. I could also move Felipe Melo.”

How is Icardi doing?
“He’s fine, I don’t think he played badly against Verona. Indeed, he was better compared to the match against Chievo.”

Tomorrow’s match also counts for the record sixth consecutive victory?
“I’m already in the history, with Inter I won 17 consecutive matches.”

Will the formation be changed tomorrow?
“That isn’t important, doing your best is what matters.”

Who are the anti-Inter?
“Napoli, Roma and Juventus have something more than us and it’s just a coincidence that right now they are behind us in the table.”

There has been many comparisons made between this Inter and some teams of the past: what is your idea?
“I wanted a physical squad, as that counts for a lot. At the same time, we have many technical players. Despite people calling Melo a ‘butcher,’ he has a lot of technique too. We combine the two, not rely on just one.”

Do you hear the rumble of enemies approaching?
“There are always enemies, but at times due to stupidity too. We are just trying to play football. Our possession stats are very impressive and that must say something.”

Do you think the fans should approach the matches differently, avoiding to whistle?
“In Italy it is like that, in England everything is different. Players don’t have to think about it, Guarin played well and in the end his performance was positive.”

Would you sign for a third place already today?
“No, I wouldn’t sign for a place behind. Aiming for the most is the right thing to do, then eventually we will see.”

If Juventus were to lose, would they still be the favorite?
“They won the last Scudetti, therefore they will still be one of the favorites. Then the recovery may be difficult, but it can happen.”

Moratti said that the biggest reason for this beginning is you: how do you respond?
“He does it because of our friendship, If things are going well for us it’s credit to the club and the players. The coach’s role is always secondary compared to what the players and the club do.”

Murillo-Medel-Miranda together: is it possible?
“When they are all doing well, of course.”

Have you had a chance to talk to Thohir?
“Of course, we have talked. But we have not analyzed anything in particular.”

Has Juan Jesus recovered?
“He’s fine, of course.”

What, from the match against Verona, do you not want to see in tomorrow’s match?
“Some game situations in which Verona had a chance to score. Some technical and tactical phases. The start of the match didn’t go well, maybe we were subdued, then the fact that they changed some players may have had an impact.”

Tomorrow is Totti’s birthday: do you want to congratulate him?
“I wish him a happy birthday, playing at his age in a great team like Roma is a great thing.”


By Olof Svensson