Sousa: “The match against Inter will reveal our capacity”

Sousa: “The match against Inter will reveal our capacity”
September 26, 2015 18:28
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“We always do the tests every day: the biggest barometer of a football team is the game itself. This is an important barometer for all of us, it will give the directions in which to grow. There are matches of this level that give you an idea of ​​what we are and what we want to do, the way we have to go.” These are the first sentences of Fiorentina’s coach Paulo Sousa about the match on Sunday evening against Inter.

“If Fiorentina have something more than Inter? We have to understand our ability with great realism, but face all games of the season only with the thought of victory: the moments and the results always give the newspapers a change of assessment of us but also for ourselves. We want to work for a continuous improvement of the individual and the collective to compete with clubs that aspire to the Scudetto. This is a team with experience and maturity. Inter’s players have an important history behind them and all this helps the team to bring home the result. This is a balanced team, it is a team that controls the game, which takes the initiative and has the individual quality of the highest level that can make the difference in the game.”


By Olof Svensson