Icardi: “I didn’t think I’d be captain”

Icardi: “I didn’t think I’d be captain”
October 1, 2015 21:39
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Inter Channel will be sending ’Inter Nos’ tonight, featuring Mauro Icardi. In a commercial that was shown a short while ago Icardi spoke about being named captain this summer after being asked about it by a female fan;

“Honestly when I arrived (in summer) I did not think about being the captain, just about scoring and do great things. These are choices made in the present, they arrive from one moment to the other, I did not think about it. How did it happen? You could read about it in the papers, then when the league kicked off I found myself with the captain’s armband on me. The first time I wore it against Atalanta but unluckily I had to leave the pitch immediately. Then the second one was against Milan, I wore an armband dedicated to Javier for the many years he has played here. I made it just for him. Then, maybe for important games I might think about personalized armbands.”

Source: Inter Channel

By Olof Svensson


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