Savicevic: “Jovetic is my heir”

Savicevic: “Jovetic is my heir”
October 3, 2015 19:59
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Old Milan legend Dejan Savicevic spoke about Stevan Jovetic and Inter when interviewed by la Gazzetta dello Sport.

“My heir? Jovetic. He started well, too bad about the injury. It is hard to say if JoJo’s Inter can compete for the scudetto. The league is not like the last four years where there was one clear favorite for the scudetto (Juventus). Today you don’t know, Inter had the chance to make a run for it against Fiorentina but did not do it. Actually, now Fiorentina are in the race as well, just as Napoli which played really well against Juventus. Milan-Napoli will say a lot, maybe something decisive about the top positions.”


By Olof Svensson


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