Inter traveled to the Marassi-stadium to play Sampdoria away and started the game in a strange way. The team looked tired and disorganized, Sampdoria were dangerous up front but missed out on their occasions. Slowly Inter started to grow into the game and gain confidence. The team created chances and Palacio forced a great save from Viviano with a shot from inside the box. Telles looked lively on his wing and mixed this with a good defensive display, I really like the Brazilian wing back and I hope he can continue growing for us.

A crucial moment of the first half was when Guarin got a great opportunity after good play from Kondogbia. The French served the Colombian who was all alone in the box, yet Guarin managed to miss both the target and the goal. If he had scored there, Sampdoria would’ve been forced to hit on the break for the whole game. Instead Guarin continued to play as he has done the last few games, sloppy passing and without any quality whatsoever. How he manages to start every game for Inter and how he is never subbed is beyond my knowledge but I’m hoping for Mancini to change this soon.

After this chance for Inter, Sampdoria player Correa probably made the miss of the season. After shooting at Handanovic the ball bounced luckily for Correa who just had to bury the shot into an open goal, instead he missed and Inter got away to the break with a draw. The second half started just as the first half with Samp creating chances whilst Inter had problems in doing something dangerous. Samp took the lead and this is when Inter started to do what they should’ve done for the while game. Seeing as Perisic is an offensive winger he needs to be fed on the wing and try to find Icardi with crosses in the box. Samp came close to score 2-0 a couple of times but didn’t manage to do so and when Mancini finally decided to get some new players on the pitch, Inter built up pressure.

Biabiany and Manaj came on and with the French winger on one side and Perisic on the other side, Inter did what they should’ve done the whole game and also the whole season. Use the wings to create chances for and activate Icardi. As soon as Inter did this Sampdoria struggled and Icardi brilliantly set Perisic up for the 1-1 goal. You could see how important it was for Perisic to get the goal and when playing in his real position, the winger both delivered good crosses and came on to good scoring positions where he was dangerous.

Mancini kept Ljajic on the bench for about 88 minutes which noone understood. It’s clear that something must’ve gone wrong for the Serbian striker because when a youngster like Manaj goes in front of Ljajic, Mancini wants to send a signal. I’d love for Ljajic to get more playing time and I hope he can react in the best of ways to Mancini’s decisions and to prove the coach wrong because otherwise we’re risking another Shaqiri-case.

In the end of the game referee Rocchi missed out on what was a clear penalty call. If a referee doesn’t see a penalty like that there’s no reason to have a penalty rule or to even award penalties for players who’re slaughtered in the penalty area. And for those who are ready to claim that Inter played badly and didn’t deserve a penalty, football isn’t about deserving things it’s about winning games. If a penalty should be given, it should be given no matter if it’s deserved or not. At this moment Rocchi took a decision that showed his incompetence yet he’s seen as one of Italy’s best refereees. Pure shame really.

At the end of the day a draw away against Sampdoria is no bad result and another positive note was that Perisic got a goal. I think that the goal will be crucial for the Crotian winger and that he will now be more relaxed during his game. Another positive note was that Icardi showed what he’s good at after a quiet first half. When the delivery started to reach him in the opponents box he was an absolute beast and it needs to be clear for everyone that Inter needs to play activating Icardi more. I know that Icardi isn’t Lewandowski, but they have some similiarities. There’s nothing strange that Lewandowsik has exploded since Bayern has started to play with wingers that feed him more than Robben/Ribery who might score more themselves. Inter needs to think in the same way activating the young striker with passes and crosses.

Entering the national break Inter has 16 points in 6 games which is good and now lets hope for our players to return without injury problems. In the game against Juve it will be crucial to have Jovetic back and one problem for the team is that we’re depending on Jovetic to much. A player like Jovetic is signed to make the difference when he plays but this does not mean that Inter can’t play without him. From this game we take some good and some bad but mostly the sensations are positive and as always, Forza Inter.

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