Suker: “Perisic is decisive just like Robben”

October 12, 2015 09:52
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Davor Suker, current president of the Croatian Football Federation, spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport about his many compatriots who play in Italy. He started with Inter’s Ivan Perisic. “I’m sure he will become a star at Inter. He’s incredible. He has the power, talent, goal-scoring sense. In football today there is a value that makes the difference: facing the direct opponent one on one and pass him. A technical action that gives an incredible advantage to your team. Perisic can also dribble three opponents in the same action. He is decisive just like Robben: he loves starting from the outside and closing the action going towards the center. He also knows the art of serving assists. You can ask for confirmation from the striker who is lucky enough to have him at his side.”

Left at Inter is Brozovic, who has not yet exploded.
“He’s young, give him confidence. He sees the game but has yet to acquire personality.”

Juve has yet to see the ‘real’ Manduzkic.
“Mario can still win the top scorer in the Italian league. He will be valuable in the Champions League because he is not afraid of anything or anyone. By the way, next Sunday there will be Inter-Juventus, right? Don’t count Juventus out of the teams racing for the Scudetto.”

In Croatia there is also Fiorentina’s Badelj who is doing well in Serie A.
“It’s not by luck he found space with Paulo Sousa, one who knows midfielders. I am happy that this Croatia exports talent in the world. We have a new generation of stars after the era of Boban. And other talents are being born behind players like Modric, Rakitic, Kovacic, Perisic and company.”


By Olof Svensson


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