Pinilla: “I could have been an Inter player.”

Pinilla: “I could have been an Inter player.”
October 17, 2015 19:22
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Living in the past is not a good idea, but Atalanta striker Mauricio Pinilla would gladly rewrite history taking himself back to 2003. The year, which he first started playing on Italian soil.

“If it was possible to go back in time I wish I could have my present mindset back in 2003 when I had just arrived at Chievo. My career today would have been different. I did not like Verona, I found it to be cold and small compared to the big city I came from. I hated it at least as much as I love it today. I go there often with my family and I see it as it is, beautiful. At the time, I thought that not even half a sacrifice was necessary to earn a spot as a starter. If things were not going well I just had to switch teams. It is a shame, I am sure that today I would have been a point of reference at Inter and also during the golden years. An important player once told me; ‘I arrived at the Pinetina when I was 30, you still have time’, it is true it is never too late in life. If one day I will wear the Inter shirt I will tell you who that player was.”

This is not the first time that Pinilla makes his sympathy for Inter known, and who knows maybe one day he will join?


By Olof Svensson


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