JJ: “The rivalry with Telles helps me grow”

October 18, 2015 23:59
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Juan Jesus was the last Inter player to be interviewed by Inter Channel:

“The result is not the right one, we gave our all. At the end of the day we got closer to Fiorentina and that is good. I lost 5kgs with Cuadrado”, ´he says with a laugh. Then goes on; “I train everyday with Biabiany so this helps me catch the ones that are faster. The coach told us all week not to concede any space for Cuadrado. As a fullback I try to grow game after game, I try to help the team. There is rivalry with Telles for the place as a starter and that is good. The group is great and this is how you create a great team. If San Siro was always like this it would be fantastic, we need the fans.”

Source: Inter Channel

By Olof Svensson