Mazzola: “I’m in favour of a return for Pirlo”

November 11, 2015 20:55
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Interviewed by Tuttosport, Sandro Mazzola spoke extensively of the hottest topics concerning Inter, from the return of Pirlo to Inter to the chances of winning the Scudetto for Mancini’s team. Here is an excerpt of his talk to the Turin newspaper:

Would you have expected to see Inter at the top after 12 rounds this summer?
“Yes, why not? I’m not surprised because, knowing the coach, I thought he might invent something and he has in fact found some interesting solutions from one game to another.”

The play, however, has been sluggish and there is a lot of criticism about it.
“Well, that’s another analogy: even the Inter of Herrera was often cornered because he played defensive and counter-attacked. But it was an Inter side that won and in the end that’s what counts. May there be many more 1-0 wins if it will help us to the top in the end.”

But can Inter go all the way?
“What a question…. It’s a very balanced league. In the early rounds I really liked Roma, Napoli and then Fiorentina. I think Viola is the team I enjoy most in this Serie A. But sometimes it’s not enough to play well to win, you need a little more. If Fiorentina will manage to make a further leap in quality, they can aspire to the championship. Inter Keep winning, then we’ll see…”

The hypothesis Pirlo: is it right to focus on him or will it distort the nature of this team?
“You must be joking, I vote for Pirlo my whole life. He’s a player who knows how to invent football, can give the ball, puts it where he wants. Perhaps I would conserve him, using him in the biggest matches. I’ve seen few like him, not only in modern football.”

If Inter try to get Pirlo, maybe it was wrong to sell Kovacic?
“I can’t judge the choices on the transfer market, but a player that knows how to pass is missing and the Croatian knew how to do it.”

Icardi is a hot topic at the moment: is he more of a victim of Inter’s playing style or is it his responsibility?
“Let’s call it 1-1 and bring the ball back to the middle. The Argentine moves little, but the team isn’t helping him.”

Is Jovetic the player you like the most?
“I also like Medel, a player that is constantly fighting. But the Montenegrin has skills that others don’t. He started well, then it stopped. I believe that by recovering he will reach the best condition, he will become a factor for this team.”


By Olof Svensson


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