InterStats preview: Napoli vs Inter

InterStats preview: Napoli vs Inter
November 29, 2015 23:09
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Inter are currently on a very impressive roll. On Monday Inter face Napoli in Naples at the San Paolo Stadium. But first, have a look at these interesting numbers from Whoscored.

Goal-Scoring Inter have scored 16 goals this season whilst Napoli have scored 24 goals so far. Napoli have scored 22 goals from open play, Inter have scored half of that from open play (11).  The Top Goalscorer for Napoli is Gonzalo Higuain with a total of 10 goals. Inter’s Top Goalscorer is Mauro Icardi, he has found the net 4 times so far this season.

Goal-Stopping Inter have the statistically best defense in the Serie A so far. Inter have still only conceded 7 goals this season. Napoli’s defense is not bad either, they have only conceded 8 goals this season. Napoli have scored 14 goals at the San Paolo Stadium but since Inter are better at scoring more goals at home anything can happen. Inter have scored 9 goals at home and 7 goals away.

Passing the ball Inter average 515 passes per game with each passing streak lasting about 4.9. Napoli average a lot more passes per game than Inter, they average 648 passes each game with each passing streak lasting about 5.4. Inter have an average possession rate of 54% while Napoli have an average rate of 61% possession. The statistics considering passing are a lot different between the two teams. One can clearly see that Maurizio Sarri is making Napoli so much better.

Best players so far Whoscored’s ratings tell us that Jeison Murillo of Inter is the highest rated player for Inter which most people may agree with (along with a couple of other players of course. The highest rated player of Napoli is Gonzalo Higuain, considering that he has scored 10 goals this season it is logical that he is the highest rated player for Napoli and also between the two teams.

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