Milito: “This is why my dad preferred Mourinho over Guardiola”

Milito: “This is why my dad preferred Mourinho over Guardiola”
November 29, 2015 16:53
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Diego Milito was interviewed by Linea de Tiempo and revealed an interesting anecdote about Mourinho:

“I remember that my father came to Milan before the game between Barcelona and Inter. One day I brought him to the Inter practice-session. Mourinho was talking to us in the middle of the field and before finishing he turned to me and said: Diego, that’s your dad isn’t it? I said yes and whilst we were warming up on the field, Mourinho went to my dad and said: You are Diego’s dad right? Come here and follow the session by my side. Mourinho brought my father to the field and my dad was ecstatic about it. After that my dad said: “Mourinho is a phenomenon, a phenomenon. Some days after my dad went to Barcelona to see my brothers training session and after a short while the security said that he had to leave because Guardiola didn’t want anyone to enter the training ground. Imagine on whose side my father stood.”


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