Ausilio: “We’ll see what we need in January.”

December 17, 2015 08:27
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ausilio5-e1405923605957 Sky Sports interviewed Piero Ausilio during the Christmas dinner of the club’s sponsors: “Obviously this is a nice atmosphere and a good week to do this type of meetings. Sponsors support us during the season and we are here for them, then we have institutional and youth sector programs, it’s nice to make them this week, however, we want to make another good result to have a Merry Christmas”. On any moves for january aid explains: “We worked so much this summer, if things are done well in January we can be more relaxed, there is no need for great speeches. We are surprised by the insertion of the ten new players, Roberto Mancini has done a great job. we don’t want to just relax, we’ll see in march at which point we are. Jonathan Calleri? We are following him, he is interesting; but now there is nothing more, I read things that make me smile.”


Source: SkySports

By Editorial Staff


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