CDS: Arsenal behind Marcelo Brozovic

December 18, 2015 08:41
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It’s Marcelo Brozovic’s time, scoring three goals in the last five games with enormous growing self esteem. Inter always knew they have purchased a jewel that only needed time to adapt, Corriere Dello Sport reports about the growing interest from across Europe for the Croatian:

“Many agents of many European big houses were present at the Meazza in the last few games. ranging from Barcelona to Arsenal passing by Chelsea, Sevilla and even Tottenham, all were there watching Murillo and Icardi but more importantly, Marcelo Brozovic, the Croatian who was bought last year for €8 million but now is worth triple this amount, newspapers in England are already reporting that Arsenal would launch an offer as soon as January, but Inter would resist any attempt lower than €25-30 million, which guarantee a huge profit.”

Source: CDS.