Kovacic: “I’m happy to see Inter on the top of the table”

Kovacic: “I’m happy to see Inter on the top of the table”
December 27, 2015 09:27
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Mateo Kovacic spoke to Croatian magazine Max! where he spoke a lot about his situation at Real Madrid but also about his former teams Inter and Dynamo Zagreb. “I always follow both teams, I left a lot of friends at both places. I have socialized with all the guys and I’m happy to see that they’re doing well. I’m happy to see that they’re playing well and that they are in first place. I am always in touch with my National team friends, whom I always follow when they play for their clubs. We speak often and we encourage each other a lot. Then, I speak more with some and less with others.”

Kovacic was then asked about his impression of Real Madrid: “It’s a huge club, here you can’t choose if you prefer winning the league or the Champions League. The greatest would be to win both but lets go step by step. If I have started speaking Spanish or if I speak Italian? I learned Italian in Milano, now I’m thinking about learning Spanish quickly too. They are two very similar languages, I’m quickly getting used to learning the new one. I have lessons twice a week, I want to learn quickly.”

Kovacic will return soon to Italy when Real Madrid face Roma in the Champions League said about the fixture: “Every match is difficult, especially in the Champions League where there are now teams that are stronger or weaker. We have to give our all to be better than our opponents, irrespective of who we meet.”

Source: FCInterNews.it

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