Mancini – SKY: “We could do more.”

Mancini – SKY: “We could do more.”
January 6, 2016 20:48
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Inter coach Roberto Mancini spoke to Sky as well after the game and he was satisfied with the win away vs Empoli.

“I think that playing at Empoli is not easy, they came from 4 straight wins and 1 draw. It has always been a difficult ground, Giampaolo is doing a great job. It was not easy after the break and the loss against Lazio. We committed some mistakes and conceded them chances due to bad passing but these games are like this. If you manage to score and defend well you take the three points home. The pressure is always there when you are on top, but it is also a nice thing that you can use to your advantage. The problem was going back to the winning ways after the loss against Lazio on a difficult ground like this one. Kondogbia? I liked him today, everybody sees it differently, he is developing a lot. He makes some excellent things, he needs to get better in others but I am satisfied.”

At this point the other teams have a set and defined tactic, have you one as well now with the 4-3-3?

“We played 4-3-3 and 4-4-2, few things change. I like playing with two strikers, but in some games you need more coverage in other areas of the pitch. We can still vary, it is not a problem.”

Maybe Icardi was too nervous before, and now he seems to be playing well again. What did you tell him?

“Nothing. Those who score goals can go through difficult periods, but he always scores the goals. If you ask me he can always reach 20 goals per season.”

Does Jovetic have to learn to play better with Icardi?

“I like Jovetic, but sometimes someone will have to stay out of the team. We might change the tactical asset or make choices. He can score 15 more goals and that would be perfect for the other strikers as well.”

You can be winter champions when facing Sassuolo, do you care about that?

“It is like winning the mountain GP in biking, it does not really count for much when it comes to the final win now that the teams are this close.”

From an aesthetic point of view, do you like your team?

“I want a little bit more, what we did 20 days ago when we had improved a lot. We could do more, sometimes the coverage is short but I see margins of improvement.”

Source: Sky

By Olof Svensson


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