After such a stinging loss to Sassuolo at home Inter need to show that they are (if not) Scudetto-contenders then at least Champions League-spot contenders. On Saturday we shall see if Inter have this mentality. But before the game, here are some interesting numbers from Whoscored presented to you via the Twitter account InterStats.


Inter started the season off with beating Atalanta 1-0 in Milan. Atalanta aren’t scoring that many less goals than Inter. Atalanta have scored 20 goals this season and Inter have scored 24 this season. Atalanta’s Top Goalscorer in the club is Alejandro Gomez, he has scored 5 times this season. Inter also have a striker as Top Goalscorer in the club, Mauro Icardi, he has scored 8 times this season.


Inter still have the best defense statistically in the Serie A. We have only conceded 12 goals so far. Atalanta have conceded 23 goals this season, Atalanta are on 9th place if we look at how many goals have been conceded this season.  Atalanta have conceded 7 goals from Set Pieces, Inter have only conceded 3 goals from Set Pieces. Inter have only conceded 7 goals at home while Atalanta have conceded 14 goals in away games.

Passing the ball

Inter average 518 passes per game with each passing streak lasting about 4.8. Atalanta’s passing-stats are a bit worse than Inter’s. Atalanta average 438 passes per game with each passing streak lasting about 3.8. These stats show that Inter are a whole lot better at passing the ball than Atalanta, Inter average are more passes per game and they miss less passes than Atalanta do. This can also be noticed in the average possession stats where Inter average 55% possession and Atalanta average 48%.

Best players so far

Alex Telles is Inter’s highest rated Whoscored player with a 7.31 rating. Alejandro Gomez is both Atalanta’s highest rated player and the highest rated player between the two teams with a 7.48 rating. Samir Handanovic is the only player between the two teams to appear in every game so far this season.