Lavezzi, Lavezzi and once again Lavezzi. Mancini confirmed his interest in the former Argentinian Nepoli player, and he would like him straight away because: even if Mancini squad has quality Lavezzi would increase that quality. But even the coach from Jesi knows that a possible agreement would most likely be done in the summer when Pocho’s contract has expired.

According to the Rome based paper, Inet would be ready to offer a three year contract with the 3-3.5million a season and add bonuses. PSG demand 6 million Euro to let Pocho leave immediately, but most of all it’s Ezequiel himself that has doubts of an immediate farewell from French club because the second half of this season he can win the Ligue 1 and maybe the Champions League with his current team, and that would give him a huge bonus of 4.5million Euros.