Ferraria: “Guarin is not a starter, Mancini wants a regista. Something happened with…”

January 17, 2016 09:56
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Today Flavio Ferraria talked about Inter on the transfer market. He answered questions regarding Inter’s activity:

Why isn’t Jovetic a starter anymore?

I think that something happened between him and Mancini. I am convinced that the coach was not convinced by the Montenegrin.

But he wanted him…

This is a very paradoxal situation. This shows that Mancini does not judge a player even if he makes a lot of mistakes.

Mancini spoke about a possible move for Guarin. Should they sell him?

Yes, but for a certain figure. I am not convinced that Guarin is a starter anymore. Mancini does not like players who complain.

The coach talked about Soriano. Would he be the ideal player?

Soriano is doing very well and he has improved a lot. He can certainly help Inter out, but I do not think he’s perfect for them.


Mancini wants a regista and a player with different characteristics than Soriano.

Can Inter get Lavezzi?

I do not think they can in January. It is more likely that he will arrive in June but it will not be easy.


By Editorial Staff


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