Mancini to Sky: “Few goals? Today even I would have scored”

Mancini to Sky: “Few goals? Today even I would have scored”
January 24, 2016 18:39
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It was a disgruntled Roberto Mancini who spoke to Sky Sport after the draw against Carpi: “Today we knew we faced a team that would play defensively, but when we unlocked the match we should have been able to close it and we had many chances. We have a problem when it comes to scoring goals, we do it too little. Today it didn’t make sense, like against Lazio and against Sassuolo. This match had become even easier, we repeated the same situation against Sassuolo. Today Ljajic could have gone toward the flag to waste time, he is not to blame, however, but we must think about getting the second goal, or to keep the result. We can not concede goals with our defense lined up like this. We created little in the second half because they were in their penalty box, but the two chances we had were sensational. I, at 50 years of age, would have scored a goal. We must understand that we won 1-0 so often, but we have to be smart because it can’t always end like that. We need to improve, today our attackers have defended and from Wednesday onwards we might as well play with one attacker. We don’t score goals, if it will help or not and at this point I will only use one attacker.”

“Problems in defense? The first was done by Juan on Mbakogu, but surely we do so many, I’m thinking of Murillo against Sassuolo and today, on the goal, you have to follow better because he starts from so far away you can’t not follow him well. Icardi’s opportunity? Even Marocchi would have scored, he had a good left foot (laughs). When it comes to cunning on the pitch you either have it or don’t have it, you can’t acquire it. Against Roma we would have protected better, today we didn’t.”


By Olof Svensson


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