Following Inter’s disappointing 1-1 draw at San Siro against 10 man Carpi today, Roberto Mancini has spoken to Mediaset Premium.

“I’m sorry, this is the third game we have thrown away given the situations. Our problem is we can’t score more than one goal. Today we had seven chances to score, then in the 92nd minute we have went to sleep and everything went wrong. It is not normal to give these gifts all the time.”

“Carpi came to defend today which is normal but we had the chances to score more than one goal. We need to improve our attack, one goal is not enough.”

“What do we lack? The attackers must build and finish, standing around waiting for the ball is useless. When we work with the strikers we do well but we need to improve our implementation.”

“Is that a reference to Icardi? It is a general reference because we had opportunities. We must understand that the attackers have to work, take the ball and protect the ball, so many things until the very end of the game. Football should be played with the brain and sometimes we have to think.”

“You must understand that 1-0 is a game in the balance, because opponents can score at any time. Games are won with malice, we can’t throw away everything we have done in our first eighteen games.”