Mancini: “I admire Ljajic, but at times he makes me angry”

Mancini: “I admire Ljajic, but at times he makes me angry”
March 6, 2016 23:58
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Mancini talked to Inter Channel after the win against Palermo:

“Today’s game was similar to the one against Sassuolo, we had 4-5 good chances in the first 10 minutes and sometimes you score, sometimes you don’t We did well even though we suffered from how tired we were after the cup game. We tried to put pressure on them in the offensive half and to score goals from that, but we could’ve and should’ve scored more. We hope that we are getting things to work now, it’s not to late and many players can still get better. Kondogbia and Perisic? They just needed to know Italian football, and this is hard for whoever comes from another league. Everyone needs time, especially entering in a new team. If I can see myself in Ljajic? Footballing wise I love him and he knows that. He makes me angry sometimes because with the talent he has and the capacity to run as much, he focuses to much on what he does well in games and that’s not enough. He’s very young and if he manages to understand some things he can give a lot more. As a winger he could become like David Silva. Silva had more experience, he doesn’t touch the ball more than twice and if Adem learns that he can become like Silva”

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