Mattia Destro spoke with Gazetta dello Sport regarding his time with Inter’s primavera. A time he shared with likes of Mario Balotelli and Davide Santon:

Fuochino. And ‘the sequence of the rigors of Viareggio 2008 final, Nerazzurri victory over Empoli. What years were those?
“Beautiful, because we have won a lot. You’re young and you win, you can’t ask for more?”.
Of that team, Obi Santon Balotelli, no one has been denied first-team debut. Actually, no: you have been denied. What’s eating you?  “Not now, I have no regrets. At the time there were very strong strikers for Inter.”

There was Ibrahimovic. “I liked him a lot, I tried to imitate him. Complete Champion, and has had shots that make it unique.”

A gift for the birthday approaching? “There are two matches. Inter and Atalanta, well, I want to celebrate scoring my 50th goal in Serie A”.