Montoya: “Happy at Betis, few chances at Inter.”

Montoya: “Happy at Betis, few chances at Inter.”
March 12, 2016 19:16
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Martin Montoya spoke to Estadio Deportivo, the player owned by Barcelona explained his move to Betis in January. Montoya had a hard time at Inter and returned to the Spanish league instead.

”At Barcelona everything was different, I came from a unique club. The best in the world. Then I came to another blig club, Inter where I I did not get a lot of chances. I joined Betis with the hope of playing more, which is what all players want. For this I don’t hink there is a better place to be than in Sevilla, a beautiful city and a great team. I am happy about my choice.”

Source: Estadio Deportivo

By Olof Svensson