TS: 4 alternatives in the fray if Mancio leaves

TS: 4 alternatives in the fray if Mancio leaves
April 9, 2016 19:48
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In today’s edition Turin based Tuttosport wrote about the future of Roberto Mancini. Will he stay in a ‘low cost’ Inter who falls whithin the retraints of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play or will he want to go elsewhere?

“Yesterday Mancini gave himself a low rating for his performance this season explaining that it doesn’t have to be bad to build a team whilst saving money but it’s clear that this doesn’t fall nicely for someone who 12 months ago hoped for the arrival of 8-9 new players, (in the end 10 players came in the summer and Eder in January). It’s not a mistery that Mancini dreams of more new signings but Thohir has already made it clear that no more than 3-4 players will come in also depending on who leaves Appiano Gentile (forgetting investments of € 30 million as for Kondogbia). When Mancini accepted to take the Inter job, he had in his mind a vision of bringing Inter to the top but last season has shown that he has a team that’s far away from this objective and this year he began working on achieving this objective. However, the presumed lack of Champions League football risk an inevitable doubt and Mancini admitted yesterday that he had thought that it would take less time to return to winning ways. The coach is therefore at a crossroad. he knows that staying won’t bring on a revolution but at the same time there are no vacancies on the benches that matter: the big clubs all have coaches, who knows if Arsenal will part from Wenger, Real Madrid are thinking about other alternatives and Zenit isn’t a club that stimulates Mancini (who knows what happens tomorrow), the national team is also a distant option.” If Mancini should leave Inter’s shortlist to replace him includes Martinez, De Boer, Montella and Di Francesco “with the dream Simeone in the drawer.”


Source: FCInternews.it

By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya


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