Jovetic: “I have a good relationship with Mancini, I want to stay”

Jovetic: “I have a good relationship with Mancini, I want to stay”
May 5, 2016 09:26
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Stevan Jovetic

In a long interview with Il Corriere dello Sport, Inter’s Stevan Jovetic spoke about his relationship with Mancini, his future and many other things. He started by commenting on the season that is about to end, both from Inter’s and his own perspective: “A rating on my season from 1 to 10? I would say 5. I’m always strict with myself. I don’t want to make excuses, and I don’t blame others. This year we had to do a lot more and I was hoping to score more goals.”

“In the beginning I played all the time and I also made a difference, then it was tough playing on and off. In January, the hardest time for me and for the team started. In February, I had some physical problems, just when we were losing ground in the standings. Before that I had not played due to technical choices.”

How is your relationship with Mancini?
“I do what he says because he is my coach. It is a normal relationship, like the one he has with all the others.”

Now four months has passed, tell us what happened between between you and Mancio after Inter-Lazio in the end of December?
“Nothing in particular. A thousand things, but the truth is that we were all irritated by what was written because we had had the opportunity to run off in the rankings and we did not take advantage of that. There was anger in the dressing room, but there were no insults or anything like that.”

Why did you play so badly at Olimpico?
“We entered the field in the wrong way, without the right approach, but I can’t explain why. We conceded a goal at the beginning and we went in trouble. We certainly didn’t play a match that was up to Inter standards.”

How do you rate the season for Inter?
“The way things turned out in the beginning, we could and should have reached third place. In January, however, we didn’t win many matches, especially at home. There was unfortunately a decline and we paid at the end. We should at least be playing in the qualification for the Champions League and I’m sorry that we did not succeed.”

By the way you’re talking it seems as if you have already decided that you will remain at Inter and ignore the many rumors concerning you.
“I came here to stay at least a couple of years. At the end of the season I will speak with the club, but I don’t want to leave: I can give a lot more to this team, I didn’t show what I’m worth.”

Ausilio was in Madrid yesterday to see Real Madrid-City and especially Touré and Zabaleta. Are they two players who could be useful for Inter?
“Yes. Touré and Zabaleta are among the best in the world and would be useful to any team, even at Inter. The Argentine is reliable and on the wing that never disappoints, and the Ivorian is a mix of physical strength, technique and personality, a midfielder who loses few balls… because he hides them from the opponents.”

What do you mean?
“When I arrived at City I noticed that no one got too close to him during a training match at the end of a practice. I asked why and his teammates laughed without answering. So, at the first opportunity, I tried to steal the ball and he moved me with a good shove. From then on I was always careful when I passed by… (laughs).”

If Toure and Zabaleta were to call you, would you encourage them to come to Inter?

Whic is the ideal position for Jovetic?
“I like being close to the goal, but I’m not a center forward.”

Can Icardi and Jovetic play together?
“I think I’m most useful playing behind another attacker or with another player close to the goal. He and I have played good games together and some less good. In my opinion he is a really strong striker and we are compatible, but we could do much better.”

What has been missing?
“It hasn’t helped us playing little together as a duo. We have played 10-12 matches as starters and we found a good connection during games, not only during training.”

What has Juve more than Inter?
“Experience, players playing together for many years and more quality.”

If Inter were to ask for your advise regarding a fellow countryman, who would you choose?
“Nikola Vukcevic, a midfielder at Braga with a great physique and remarkable technical skills.”


By Olof Svensson


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