Marcelo Brozovic

In our last game, against Lazio away, we were all over the place. We basically played like sh*t. Now we have officially completely missed out on playing in the Champions League next season, the least we can do now is secure a Europa League-placement. Empoli are now on form and will be very difficult to play against. Can we secure a direct-qualification to the Europa League? Well, we’ll see tonight! Here are some interesting numbers from Whoscored presented to you via the Twitter account InterStats


Inter sometimes seem to be struggling to score more than 1 goal and sometimes they can score at least 3 goals in a game. Empoli have scored 10 less goals than Inter. Inter have scored 47 goals this season and Empoli have scored 37 this season. Empoli’s Top Goalscorer in the club is Massimo Maccarone, he has scored 12 times this season. Inter also have a striker as Top Goalscorer in the club, Mauro Icardi, he has scored 15 times this season.


Inter do still have the 3rd best defense statistically in the Serie A. We have conceded 34 goals so far. Empoli have conceded 46 goals this season, it is 11 more goals than Inter so this does prove that Inter’s goal-stopping is more effective *knock on wood*. Empoli have conceded 11 goals from Set Pieces, Inter have conceded 9 goals from Set Pieces. Inter have conceded 14 goals at home while Empoli have conceded 27 goals in away games.

Passing the ball

Inter average 522 passes per game with each passing streak lasting about 4.8. Empoli’s passing-stats are a bit worse than Inter’s. Empoli average 506 passes per game with each passing streak lasting about 4.7. These stats show that Inter are better at passing the ball than Empoli, Inter average are more passes per game and they miss less passes than Empoli do as well. This can also be seen in the average possession stats where Inter average 54% possession and Empoli average 51%.

Best players so far

Alex Telles is Inter’s highest rated Whoscored player with a 7.09 rating. Alberto Pelagotti is both Empoli’s highest rated player and the highest rated player between the two teams with a 7.51 rating. Samir Handanovic has appeared in 34 games this season making him the player (between the two teams combined) to make most appearances this season so far.