Mancini: “The best season the last 5 years.”

Mancini: “The best season the last 5 years.”
May 7, 2016 20:38
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After the 2-1-win in the last home game of the season Roberto Mancini spoke to Premium Sport:

“We would not have finished fourth if we had done everything well. The position is the one that we deserve, because we threw away the good things we did for six months. Do we need an addition in midfield? I don’t know, now it is hard to say. In Italy we are good at criticizing everything, instead of looking at the good things a team does and we have done good things. We will try to strengthen the team, but this is still the best season in the last five years.  We thank the fans that came to San Siro, we hope to give them more satisfactions next season. At the beginning of the season you said that there were four teams ahead of us then we were at the same level as Milan. I am not pleased, due to the fact that I ask more of myself and because of how we started the season. We need to develop many things, the technical quality, the will to fight and we need to learn not to concede in the difficult moments, the way Juventus does. We will surely need to make our quality better, this is fundamental. We need to work under all aspects. The gap between Juventus and the other teams is enormous. In the games against the top flight teams we have not had any problems in the second half of the season, except for against Juve. Difficulties offensively? The first half should have finished 3-0, the big teams score and then if they have to, they defend. It is true that we are at the end of the season and there could be some fatigue, and today as well the fear of losing got hold of us.”

Source: Premium Sport

By Olof Svensson


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