Martino changes his mind about Icardi?

May 10, 2016 09:27
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Argentina national team coach Tata Martino has made several statements in a negative way about Mauro Icardi, hinting that his personal life keeps him out  of the national team. The Inter captain will not stand for it and recently criticized the coach and papers in Argentina, saying that in Italy he is only judged by his performance on the pitch. And that it should be the same in Argentina, he lives a quiet life with his children, is never out clubbing and scores goals on the pitch. What else can he do?

It seems that Martino read the interview, since in an interview with Tyc Sports he now says:

“Icardi has done what he needs to do to be called up. I have the obligation to consider the football aspect. Icardi has done what is necessary on the pitch to be called up. And that is the reason he is on the players list with the ones that have a chance to go the Olympic games.”

Source: Tyc sports

By Olof Svensson


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