Speaking at the press conference for the Croatian national team, Marcelo Brozović said he was pleased with the improvements he made this season for Inter, especially on the physical side: “I knew I could do it, I did additional training with my coach and I am happy with the progress made. As for running, I might be inferior to them, but in the end for some reason I run even more than Mario Mandzukic and Ivan Perisic. ”

Brozovic also sees the right atmosphere within the group: “We are working well, I hope everything goes well. The pitches are good, the pace set is the right one.” Croatia returns to France in 1998 where they were involved in a great World: “I do not remember exactly, I was only six years old. But I saw all the recordings. The opponents? We have not yet analysed them, but there will be time for this”.

Source: HNS-CFF